Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a systemic therapy created by the German Bert Hellinger that aims to decode and free us from the suffering caused by the imbalances of the family system.

A therapy that has as its purpose:

  1. To dig up the "programs" that lead us to experience repeated and excessive situations, bringing to the consciousness the hidden dynamics that act in our lives;
  2. To become aware of our interconnection with the clan and their circumstances;
  3. To understand that information is not lost, it is merely transmitted from parents to children, in order that someone in the clan may release and transform what was lived and kept.

According to this approach, every pain, every conflict, every conquest, every joy of the members of this system, alive, dead, aborted, excluded or forgotten, is transmitted to us silently and subtly from generation to generation causing entanglements in the family system and causing difficulties and difficult destinies in some of the members of subsequent generations