Mission & Goals


To raise the awareness of professionals in the areas of Family, Education, Health, Justice and Organizations, alerting them to the transformative impact of a systemic approach so that they act in a more responsible and appropriate way to each human being, considered as a whole.


To raise awareness of the general public about the importance of developing a broader view about the dynamics of the systems in which they are integrated, for a better understanding of their motivations and behaviors.



To inform and make society aware of the importance of systemic effects in the areas of Family, Education, Health, Justice and Organizations;

To contribute to the awareness of the importance of looking at the human being through a systemic view and in a holistic vision, in his or her life context;

To provide a new outlook in the understanding and resolution of issues in the area of ​​Law;


To provide a new pedagogical and therapeutic view for the areas of Family, Education and Health;


To provide a new perspective on the diagnosis, analysis and problem solving in various contexts of Organizations;


To gather and give voice to the main national and international professionals that over the years have developed their Constellations work in the areas of Family, Education, Health, Justice and Organizations.


Provide experiential experiences with constellation workshops, sharing of practical cases and testimonies of life in each of the mentioned areas;


Motivate researchers and mental health professionals to strive for the scientific acknowledgement of Constellations as a systemic psychotherapy;


To raise society’s awareness to the need to perceive the human being as a whole integrated in the various systems that influence them in their decisions and in their exercise of freedom.