Katrina Barry

Katrina Barry

Founder of "kirchbaumer consulting" a certified Systemic Consultant (SG) and Systemic Coach (ICI & ECA) and trained in Systemic Structural Constellations SySt


Organisational Constellations Today and in the Future

In the past Organisational Constellations were viewed with scepticism and forced into the esoteric corner. Today, they are recognized as an innovative and researched management method which can efficiently and quickly represent a system showing the 'big picture' and allowing possible obstacles and solutions to become visible.

They are applied and taught at universities, used in globally renowned companies and combined with other "state-of-the-art" approaches, e.g. Working 4.0, Agility, Reinventing Organizations, Spiral Dynamics, etc.

Today, in our complex, fast-changing world, where time is of an essence, this method is particularly effective, supporting us to recognize solutions and possibilities in a very short period of time. Thus, enabling us to make decisions with knowledge which may have been overlooked or not taken into account.

In my lecture I will be pleased to contribute to spreading the knowledge of this profound, transformative method and the current movements worldwide.



Organizational constellations: An innovative tool for consulting and coaching processes

If you have heard a lot about organizational constellations but have never had the opportunity to experience how effective they are, I welcome you to join me in my workshop.

How are Organizational constellations useful in organisations? How and when can they be used to achieve good and sustainable solutions?

These are the questions which we will be looking at and will be demonstrated in systemic constellations. We will also have valuable space for participants current issues or questions to benefit from this approach.

After this workshop you may even feel confident to try out the first steps for yourself!

The use of organizational constellations can lead to surprising results when classical communication approaches reach their verbal limits.



With a passion for the power of mindful leadership, she supports people and organizations in their development and change processes.  The Chairwomen of infosyon, the International association for System Constellations in Organisations, Founder of "kirchbaumer consulting" a certified Systemic Consultant (SG) and Systemic Coach (ICI & ECA) and trained in Systemic Structural Constellations SySt. Katrina is also a visiting lecturer at the Technical University Mittelhessen in Germany and is certified by infosyon as Professional Facilitator of System Constellations in organizations.